Percy's at The Island Game is one of the oldest gaming houses in the country. We have built on the legacy of the late Percy Munnings and have developed and maintained a strong customer base over the years. We have been known to be there for our customers and we can boast of having the best reputation in the industry The adage speaks to knowing a man by the company he keeps. In this regard we say “Ask our customers, our bankers and our partners about us”. They can attest to our reputation better that we can speak of it ourselves.


The gaming insdustry has seen a number of changes over the years and has evolved into a new creature. With growth… comes change, and The Island Game has committed itself to be adaptable to change as it happens, when it happens and making it happen. We have taken an industry initially operating on paper tickets and handheld components and have embraced the new age and new technologies to take gaming to another level. We were one of the first to market with our internet gaming products. What separates us from the others is the fact that we offer phone card sales, a full cadre of casino games as well as other gaming alternatives such as Bingo, Poker & Pokeno. Whilst we lead others continue to play catchup.


Percy's at The Island Game has for years been a major contributor to the Bahamian communtiy through its civic and community programs. There are a very few civic organizations that we have not extended our hands to assist. Our intention is not for praise or glory but of a sense of purpose. Education, Cancer, AIDS, the Aged and the Homeless are ongoing projects that we dedicate our Civic & Community arm to lend assistance. Join us as we try to make this a better Bahamas.